COVID-19 Guidelines


Travel from Hotel to Helipad

  • The Yatri’s should arrive at the Helipad at least 15 minutes before departure.
  • Vulnerable persons, such as very elderly, pregnant ladies, Yatri’s with health issues are advised to avoid air travel.
  • Yatri’s suffering from cold and cough, fever and other symptoms akin to COVID-19 symptom will not be allowed to travel. Also, they should not travel if they have been tested positive for COVID-19.
  • No food item gutka/pan will be allowed to be consumed in the Helicopter.
  • Yatri’s should travel to Helipad directly from the hotel and avoid any social contact enroute.
  • Yatri’s should have the Aarogya Setu app downloaded on their mobiles which should display a safe status.
  • All Yatri’s shall give a declaration to the following effect:
    • I/We am/are not suffering from any fever/cough any respiratory distress
    • If I/we develop any of the above – mentioned symptoms I shall contact the concerned health authorities, immediately.
    • I/We am/are eligible to travel as per the norms
    • I/We will make my mobile number / contact details available to the operator whenever required by them.
    • I/We understand that if I/We undertake the air journey without meeting the eligible criteria, I/We would be liable to penal action.
    • I/We undertake to adhere to the health protocol prescribed by destination district/State
    • Departure address of applicant and destination (for tracing if required).

Guidelines to be followed At the Helipad

  • The Yatri’s should get down from the cab with the face mask on. He / She would continue to wear mask throughout the journey.
  • At the Heliport, the weight of the Yatri’s shall be rechecked along with their baggage.
  • All Yatri’s are then requested to proceed to the Waiting Area where detailed briefing shall be given by our Handling Officer on the guidelines to be followed by all Yatri’s while boarding the helicopter, when inside the helicopter and the deboarding procedure. Yatri’s are requested to carefully listen to the instructions and follow them carefully.
  • Yatri’s must wear masks at all times and should use sanitizer at regular intervals to sanitize their hands while continuing to maintain Safe social distancing from other Yatri’s and Helipad Staff.